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Introductions / Alden
« Last post by Alden on Mar 15 2008 - 21:42 »
Well, there isn't really a whole lot to say about me, I have been Rping for the last 2 years, my first Muck was Pokemon world, kinda found it by accident really, and decided to give it a shot, long story short, I really enjoyed the RP and since then I have been looking around other places and trying to improve. I'm from Argentina (Still living there), 26 years old, and I hope to do a good job RPing here as well.
Character Profiles / Sirus Karr
« Last post by Sirus on Mar 15 2008 - 10:31 »
I am Sirus. Guardien for the Dragon prophet Rinku.  For 5000 years i have protected the Earth Portal Temple. But when the War happend, my temple was repeatadly attacked by the forces of the leader from the place you call washington.
Then one of their bombs exploded by the temple...and sent me into a deep sleep.
NOW i wake and find the Earth in pain and alsmot devoid of life. So now its up to me to find who i can and aid them. Thanks to this war my Sprirtual powers have been hampered as the Earths Spirit is weak, as i draw my power from it. my powers involve focusing this energy into the forms i require, this being blasts sheilds and portals. Im the only person who can control the Portals within the temple..which made me a target with many Goverments who desire power. But with my Twin Scimitar blades, im able to defend against them, specially as the blades can deflect bullets of most kinds...if im quick enough.
Character Profiles / Katrina
« Last post by Sapphire on Mar 14 2008 - 19:42 »
*flourish and bow* Good evening everyone, my name is Katrina Lenara Shadow, Meta-Human performer. When the changing took place I was a little scared at first, as were most humans. Some still are, but I was one of the few who decided to go with the flow and learned how to take advantage of my new abilities. Now my dances are just as beautiful to watch as they were before, but combining them with some of the fighting abilities I've picked up, as well as the little elemental magic I could get the hang of, allowed me to put these dances to a use if war should come like so many people are thinking. All the guns and technology that people have isn't going to be enough if the people we're going to have to fight have magic as well, so it's up to the few of us who grew into our powers to help out. One of the  other abilities I picked up was minor shapeshifting. I can't change my size or large chunks of my body, but I can change specific parts like my hands, pretty much at will to what I need as long as they're from a living thing. I'm generally easy to approach, even by non-humans just because of how well I accepted the change. So kitsune, wolves, dragons, anything like that is fairly normal and doesn't get a second glance unless it's strange for it's kind or tries to kill me.
Character Profiles / Sapphire
« Last post by Sapphire on Mar 14 2008 - 19:00 »
(Player talking for the mute) I don't have a name, nor can I speak at all. Anyone who has attempted talking with me using magical means has found them to be completely useless. I have no known past, no connections with anyone that people can see, and no knowledge of anything that's happened here. I'm neither good nor evil, I'm really hard to track, though I won't attack anyone unless I have a really good reason for it. I can be affectionate and kind, using illusions to deal with whatever comes my way. I'm frequently found by the water pool under the healing house if someone has an interest in finding me, and despite my dislike of getting mixed up in something I don't know, I have excellent information gathering abilities and will show people what I've found through my illusions.
Introductions / Sirus
« Last post by Sage on Mar 14 2008 - 14:16 »
Hello, it seems we have some things in commin. Gomodding, and the fairness thing. Though, I can't really tell if I make my characters underpowered or overpowered, cause I haven't really done any fighting RP's... ya'know?
Introductions / More about me than you probably wanted to know.
« Last post by Sapphire on Mar 14 2008 - 11:37 »
Well... what should I say here? Well I've been RPing online for about three years now, having many characters spread across about a dozen different places, as well as playing table top rolegames for at least six years, and rpg video games for going on twelve. I'm an Otaku, Gamer, Nerd, Freak, Furry, raver, and many other things and proud of it. I enjoy standing out and love art type stuff, including song and dance, not just the pen and paper kind. I couldn't live without music, and am an avid DDR player. As far as RP, I like multiple lines with grammar, punctuation, and proper spelling. Typos happen to everyone, forgetting a word happens, all and all I'm not that strict about it as long as you're making an effort. I play for the longterm RP, not for a ton of one shot scenes that lead nowhere.

I think that I've about covered all the bases now, so I'm going to pop out now. See you all grid side.
Introductions / Sirus
« Last post by Sirus on Mar 14 2008 - 09:26 »
Yeah i said ages ago i would join, only just got around to doing it now.
I have been rping 7-8 year...i think...feel myself as quite the Vetren Rper, always make my characters Fair in their abilites, And i frown upon Godmodding. usally i prefer other people to lead or have the main character, but id neccesarcy i would lead. All my characters have abilties and power based almost soley on my own creation. Sirus my main may be a hedgehog, but he has no skills or traits that are simalure to Sonic or any other hedgehog from the sonic universe.
All my characters Are in depth, they are not made just for one rp, they all come from my Main rp where any changes in that Rp effect those in these one. Unless its a drastic change like death.
Alway sin an rp to have fun, and to allow my imagination to run wild.
Introductions / DarkOnister
« Last post by Samui on Mar 13 2008 - 20:38 »
Welcome back!
Introductions / DarkOnister
« Last post by DarkOnister on Mar 13 2008 - 13:22 »
Its been a while since I heard from Kitsune Paradise.

I saw a email about this and thought it interesting.
For those people who don't know me, I'm DarkOnister - which people call me Oni for short.

I'm a roleplayer and been on Kitsune Paradise a while back.
My main character is 'DarkOnister' a shapeshifter, and I'm not sure how many alt characters I've made on here.
Introductions / Dart Kietanmartaru
« Last post by Samui on Mar 10 2008 - 17:01 »

Yeah, you probably do have other characters. But don't log into the forum as them, use your main account since I am working on the alt management system. Once that's done, you'll be able to manage your secondary characters right from your main account. :D
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